Living on the edge – Peter Dobiš

Peter Dobiš (*1983) is a documentary photographer based in Slovakia. Having studied documentary photography with Matus Zajac, Peter has been focusing on social issues and working on his main, long-term project (Living on the edge) in his hometown Bratislava since 2013. The Project features the stories of people living on the periphery and outside the mainstream society in Bratislava. Peter has been immersing himself in a marginalized and dangerous culture within the city. Peter is winner of the Ernesto Bazan  Scholarship in 2015. Ernesto remained his mentor since then. Peter’s  work has been featured by different online photo-magazines, The Guardian and won 1st prize in 2016 Czech Press Photo (Contemporary issues category).

Photographs are authorized © Peter Dobiš.

Juraj Marec

Juraj Marec

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