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Ľuboš Dubovský – winner of the DOFOTOS contest 2017

Based on voting in the second round of the evaluation of the documentary photo contest DOFOTOS, the jury has picked the winner. His name is Ľuboš Dubovský with documentary series about the producer of traditional folk instruments who lives close to the nature. His series carries a simple name – Stano. It shows how important is the aspect of the author’s engagement and immersion in the topic. This series gives an intimate insight into the life in the Slovak village. Congratulations to Ľuboš!

This is a long-term document because I have been photographing this person with pauses for more than a year. He is a man connected with the nature and so he lives. He does not eat meat from convincing and keeps many animals he loves. He lives in an old cottage and refuses to use thermo isolation and to change windows. He has a great wife who is also captured in photos. I started to take these photos mainly because of his production of traditional musical instruments for sheperds. Specifically, fujara (Slovak shepherds long pipe) and whistles. I capture several producers, who create traditional goods and I plan to do so in the future with a pictorial document about the traditional producers in Slovakia.

Photo on the right – © Ľuboš Dubovský.

Interview with Ľuboš Dubovský

Juraj Marec

Juraj Marec

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