“I’m a lot more than a couple of words could express” – Miron Zownir

Individualism and the unconventional beauty portrayed throughout Zownir’s raw and unbiased view of life and death often exceeds the limits of decency and good taste. His expressionistic black and white photograph offers insight into inner-city sub-cultural spheres – into the shadowy world of individualists and outsiders.

Exhibitionists, homosexuals, prostitutes and homeless people. Subjects and small communities that are excluded and rejected by our societies captured on mysterious, grotesque, and indiscreet shots. Without censorship, Zownir reveals to the bone what remains hidden to us behind the bedroom and brothel doors, in the dark and narrow aisles of human cities and lives. Dark and gloomy photographs present the viewer with intensively disturbing and indiscrete shots of the lust, violence, insanity, absurdity, and man’s obsession on the brink of society.

It is almost impossible not to feel an intense emotional response when facing Zownir’s photographs. His definition of beauty differs from the mainstream. Attractiveness is more important than beauty itself, and subjects on monochrome photographs are authentic. The mysterious sense of timelessness captured on Zownir’s shots leads the viewer into a different reality – terrible and cruel, reflecting all negative characters of human beings.

The label “Poet of radical photography” given by Terry Southern carries a partial definition of Zownir’s work. He is a poet, he is radical and he is a photographer. But Miron Zownir is a lot more than a few words can express. He will take you back in time, into the world that no longer exists.

Photographs are authorized © Miron Zownir.

Interview with Miron Zownir